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Creation & direction

Idit Herman is a creator, director and designer. She co-founded Clipa Theater for which she has created over 50 original productions in Israel and abroad, varying from solo performance to large scale immersive work in theaters, museums, public space and more. Her recent work shows a conscious shift from using an exaggeration of set, props, costumes, light and sound to obtain total control of the audience experience, towards creating mobile and minimalist concepts that result in a maximum effect for the often participating viewer.


Notable works: Angle (1997, first prize in Seeds of Dance Festival), Deus Ex Machina (2001, opening of Israel Festival, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens), The Rite of Spring (2003, in collaboration with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Tel Aviv Opera House), Reconstructing Game (2005, opening of Israel Festival), Kafka (2009, Museum of Underground Prisoners, Jerusalem), Paradize (2009, Clipa Theater), FOREVER/NEVER (2014, Israel Museum/Tel Aviv Museum), Facility 27 (2016, Old City Hall, Tel Aviv), Someone's Home (2017, Bialik House, Tel Aviv), A Midsummer Night's Dream in Space (2018, Clipa Theater), View Field (2019, Israel Festival)


The entire archive can be viewed here





 Idit Herman | mobile: +972-54-4616102

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